• Charlie

    Distance is not an issue if you really love someone. Trust will always be there if love exist. That’s why there are so many long distance relationships that works.

  • Lucas

    I know a lot of people who are in a long distance relationship and are still on it and are going stronger. I am really surprise on how they do it because personally, I think long distance relationship is not an ideal kind of relationship. It is hard to work things out when you are not together.

  • Conrad

    Long distance relationship really works for me. I am free to do the things I want and at the same time I let her have her free time as well. Things do work as long as we never fail to express how much we love each other.

  • Cannon

    I don’t get the point of having a long distance relationship. For me it is just pointless because a relationship means that you are there for your partner everytime she needs you. How can you be there for her if you are miles away from each other?

  • Rian

    This article is really helpful to me. My boyfriend will have to move far away from me and he asked me if I still want our relationship to stay the same. I was hesitant before I read this because I thought no long distance relationship works. I guess, I am wrong. I know we will work it out and we’ll end up together.

  • Nixon

    it’s a nice article. I also have long distance relationship but I never feel bad for it(sometimes is kind of exception, exception isa example). Thanks 
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