• Emma Tyler

     Melanie is a very warm and open person besides the fact that she is an expert life coach. I believe that we all need someone we can talk to in a deeper level that will help us understand our dilemma in a different perspective.

  • Virginia Malone

    We all need a life coach especially when crisis attacks in our lives. Melanie is right; one should not suffer in silence. We should seek medical or expert advice when deemed necessary.  

  • Munday Trevor

    Life has so many stressors all around. Sometimes people crash like computers do; and we all need a life-saver. That’s where a life coach like Melanie comes to intervene and help out to make some changes in a person’s way of life. We all need help and we should seek for it when we need to.

  • Phillip Murray

    Can someone refer me to a life coach? because I really need help with my life and I’m so clueless with what direction I should take. Please help me Melanie.

  • Pierre Jackson

    Phillip, you can ask referral from a local psychologist for a life coach that could help you with your dilemma. That’s actually great, because that’s the first step to healing; that’s recognizing that you need help and intervention.

  • Lindsay Mcanany

    True enough guys, healing really comes from admitting that you need help and that you will submit to guidance and counseling. Melanie really is inspiring people to change for the betterment of their lives.

  • Brianna Laducer

    Coping with a loss of a loved one is dreadful and overwhelming. That is why we need support person to make our lives bearable at some point and help us achieve focus. I lost some loved ones along the way; but I keep moving forward and I gain more reasons to live along the way.

  • Gingcy Zurek

    Yeah Brianna, I so agree with you. People come and go as they are. Nothing really is permanent in this world. Change is inevitable as it is. But I believe that people come into our lives for a purpose; and that is what makes life rich and spontaneous.

  • Amber Oropesa

    Yes people! Think positive and everything will be in its proper place. Life has struggles and stumbling blocks but we become better people because of these challenges. Go on and dive the sea of life. Be not afraid.

  • Shane Dillan

    Melanie is a very inspiring woman especially for people who want some direction in their lives. I agree with her that looking good is equivocal to feeling good inside. And that transformations are important and has great impact in our lives. Embrace change and make it work for you.

  • Karol Rivers

     Melanie believes that we should make an effort to look beautiful in and outside. This reflects our inner outlook in life. Live positively!

  • Blake Stein

     Melanie is one great example of a woman who never quits when faced with challenges. She is worth emulating. I salute modern women like her; who can effectively multitask and be gorgeous as ever! Hats off to all the strong and powerful women out there!