• Bryan

    I don’t even think that will work on us. I just hate him so
    much for cheating! What a bastard, doesn’t even deserve to be my friend.

  • jessica S

    I think it’s a good idea. Keeping your friendship alive and
    not being so bitter about your past relationship. 

  • Ally

    I kinda agree with you there, its good to be friends with
    your ex’s but it’s really up to you if you’re ready to forgive an forget

  • Jake Heirs

    It’s not a good thing at all. After you, being hurt by the
    person you love, worst if he cheats on you. You will look like a dumb in front
    of everyone if once again seen by some friends. 

  • john brobst

    Well, if I’m already moved on that’s the time to gather on
    our friendship, so that I can forget everything and just live the way it was
    before him.

  • Arn Swank

    Yeah! It’s so weird
    when you become friends with an ex; but it can be fun especially when you are
    on the safe zone of being just friends.

  • Dorothy Steven

    An old flame can
    actually be exciting to talk to; especially if you both talk about past
    blunders which can be quite funny to reminisce.

  • Jared Cruise

    Actually, it could
    be kinda awkward talking to an ex or being friends; it’s just too complicated
    to even consider.

  • Arghylle Humphrey

    Yeah Jared it could
    really be hard especially if you both are in other relationships. But if you
    have kids; it is better to be friends and parents to the kids. 

  • Bruce Swanke

    I totally agree
    with both of you… but it will come to a point where you can really b e
    friends. Life is too short to burn bridges anyway.

  • Patrick Smith

    Well I don’t believe that exes should ever be friends anyway… It doesn’t work for me…

  • Avril White

    That’s true Patrick. When you cut; cut clean… Don’t say, can we be friends? coz that’s absurd…

  • Perry Schuck

    Well I think exes can actually be civil to one another. It takes time to finally be comfortable with each other’s presence without feeling any angst or indifference. 

  • Meredith Davis

    Yeah well I think it probably depends on how you ended the relationship. If it was a mutual decision and there’s no third party involved, then I guess it would be much easier than dealing with an ex asshole boyfriend.