• Pete Brian

    I cant wait to get a copy of your book. For sure it will be awesome. Following you on twitter!

  • Jon Severa

    I am subscribing to your channel and I cant wait to see more of the episodes.

  • Megan

    Is the online show available worldwide? Or its only for US viewers? 

  • Derrick

    That would be nice and what will be the title of your book? And will it be 1st quarter of this year? I am super excited. 

  • Deither

    My friend in Asia is asking why he cant view the video and he was hoping that it will be available to their country. I am loving it a lot.

  • Sora Anna

    Hi guys, this is my first time on this site and I love it. And the show really rocks! I also have the same point of view as Shiri so I cant wait to see the new episodes