• Odessa Sparks

    What I can say is why bother keeping it a secret? I mean babies are blessings and should really be proud of right??? So I will definitely shout it to the whole world and be a proud mom…

  • Simon Davis

    Well Odessa, I think that she has reasons for keeping it a secret at ffirst; but maybe it’s just a surprise for her fans and family. ANd that is entirely her prerogative if she wants to keep mum about the issue 

  • Sandy Summers

    Just act innocent about it and say, I don’t know for sure..LOL..that will keep them intrigued yet satisfied.

  • Ricky Denunzio

    Just smile and say “It’s for me to know, and for you to find out”.

  • Brent Philipps

    You’re right Ricky.. There is such thing as PRIVACY and SECRET.. LOL

  • Donna Blaire

    Yeah well we are all entitled to our privacy; and when we are ready, we can definitely celebrate it with the world..paparazzi can wait.

  • Faith Hormell

    Yes, it’s always up to the couple. But of course, because they are celebrities, they are like public figures.