• Brenda

    I am also excited because I will be meeting my boyfriend’s parent this year and to be honest I am also scared. Scared on making any mistakes. Thanks for the wonderful tip and I surely need to be me.

  • Honey

    Thats a great way to start the year 2012. 

  • Juliana

    I was not prepared! Because his mom showed unexpectedly at his pad! And saw me sleeping in his son’s bed. 

  • Jeremia

    I don’t have any fear of meeting his parents because we were best friends since high school and ended realizing we love each other. 

  • Rafaela Rose

    I asked my guy what his mom loves to do and her usual daily activities and the things she does not like so that I will not have any mistakes when I met her. We always want to be at our best whenever meeting our partners parents. 

  • Heather

    Thanks for the tips! I’ll be meeting my boyfriend’s parents and I’m soooooooo nervous! But I can’t wait and Ryan and Eva are so cute together!!!!!!!