• Jared Cruz

    Marrying someone means so much for each and everyone. After
    a long time of seeking for the person, if sure finally you’ll get to have vows
    and if successful you’ll be together ‘till the rest of time. It’s a great

  • hanna Spacey

    I think Shannen deserves it, after a long wait it’s time for
    her to enjoy married life.

  • Ingrid

    We keep our marriage healthy by having three B’s on it. BED.

  • Adriel Rulloda

    Communication is
    the best ingredient in a marriage.

  • Hailey Adams

    Make compromises
    and don’t forget to do the simple things that can make each other happy.

  • Andrew Deboise

    Spend some real
    undivided time with each other. Do something spontaneous for a change!

  • Nicholas Brown

    I think the key to it is to be one in heart and mind; that noone else can influence you more than your partner. Sometimes outside pressure can really affect couples.

  • Rachelle Adams

    Learn to forgive each other’s failures and make the best out of your arguments.

  • Cheree Wilsons

    Love and mutual respect should always be present; and to never get physical with each other; or to be violent to the point of hitting each other.