• Sarah K.

    Wow, 4 out of 4 reasons he wasn’t the one. Fortunately I already broke it off, but it’s nice to know I was right to do so.

  • Geri Jones

    The last two guys I dated were controlling and overly possessive. I don’t think 2 is a trend, but this post gave me a lot of things I need to consider. Like why would I even be attracted to guys I know will not be “the guy”?

  • Anna A

    Interesting post but I’m more in need of knowing what the signs are the he is into me. I am the worst person ever at picking up on cues!

  • Kathy Ross

    The biggest turn off I can think of in a guy is for him to be controlling. Like jealousy, it’s a sign of insecurity, low self esteem, weakness of character and an indication the guy is a loser. So yeah, he would not be the one for me.