• Leigh Bernstein

    Single trait to leave behind … being a control freak. When your single its fine to want to be Mrs.Independent and do everything yourself just the way you want it. But when you have a partner you need to let loose a bit and let them have their way sometimes too!

  • Dayna Patterson

    Treat and act the way you expect your guy to be towards you. You wouldn’t feel very good if he was texting a girl past 11pm, so you shouldn’t do it either- even if it is innocent.

  • Lindsey N

    The transformation from single to relationship can be hard for a girl, especially when you have a bunch of single friends who want to go out and party with you and only want it to be a “girls” thing. Having a girls night is cool but make sure to include your guy as much as possible and if you do have a girls night be appropriate!

  • Jillian Rose

    Stay true to who you are, but find a balance and remember you’re not single anymore. Take your man’s feelings into consideration