• benj23

    Brad Pit and Angelina Jolie were really scandalous before they revealed everything about their relationship. Despite of this, people accepted them wholeheartedly.

  • sberry

    Jolie and Pit’s affair was really intriguing! They helped other 3rd party affairs gained confidence and security =)

  • mary61

    Thumbs Up for Tori, getting a good-looking man!

  • trig

    Tori spelling is sometimes hottie and nottie, I wonder how she does that! Most of the movies of her that I watched, she’s usually bullied or humiliated. ANyhow, she’s rich! so it’s fine.

  • rush

    Do hot female celebrities into older men? That’s not fair! 

  • wins53

    I don’t think so. They just feel secured over them! They are being treated like princesses instead of queens, i guess.