• cutie me!

    the key to a long lasting marriage do not depend on how much you earn.. it depends on the love, respect and trust you have for each other.

  • paula

    If you really love your partner in life, you won’t have time to compare each other’s paycheck. You will be busy loving each other. <3

  • nicole

    I was shocked when I read this article; I didn’t expect that Angelina Jolie earn that much. Well, reality speaks. But in fairness with Brad Pitt, he also works hard. Don’t worry Brad! You’re still my man!

  • nick

    The status in life is not important. Digits of their salary are not also important, as long as both of them make money of their own and they fulfill their duties to their family, why not? That’s what Julia Roberts and Danny Moder proves to us.

  • bruce

    Most men feel that whenever their wives earn higher than what they get, it affect their PRIDE. Like me. So, I salute you Brad! You help Angelina Jolie with her advocacies instead.