• Laura

    I remembered well my young days when I am not allowed to have a boyfriend so I had flings.

  • Emily

    Guilty as charged. Career woman over here. These days I am just too busy with work.

  • Jean

    My long term relationship just did not end the way I perceive it to be and now I am quite sure I am not ready to commit to someone else. 

  • Faye

    A fling is the most convenient relationship the couples can have when they’re not yet certain that they are ready for a commitment.

  • Carrie

    I know a “couple” they are attracted to each other. They are happy when they are together but they wont be in a relationship together because it is complicated. The guy is the ex boyfriend of her friend.

  • Donna

    Each one of us needs to feel love. We need someone to talk and someone who will listen to you sincerely. I still can not imagine why women that are so career driven forgets about finding true love.

  • Alice

    My life is boring.My routes are always from house to work and vise versa. Thank you for the advice. Wish me luck.

  • Marga

    When you’re in a fling status you share intimate moments together. And this what made it exciting.