• Mike O

    Not only is Stacy beautiful but she has a great career in front of her! I hope she does well on this new show.

  • Amy

    I am going to check out Supermarket Superstar. It sounds like a fun and entertaining show.

  • Joe P

    I saw the premier! LOVED IT! Loved Stacy Keibler. You can tell she really cares about the contestants and wants them to do well.

  • Helen H.

    Supermarket Superstar sounded like a totally lame concept for a reality TV show so I didn’t watch it. Reading about it though I may have to check it out.

  • Nera Hoffmann

    Seriously, another reality TV show? I appreciate reality shows cost less to make through their entire lifespan than it costs to make a single episode of a real TV show with a cast of real actors, so of course networks go for them to make more profits. Me, I want which shows I want online now and avoid both the endless commercials, dictated time slots and programming that has no creativity.

  • Sally Forrester

    At least Supermarket Superstar isn’t another boring cooking show. Now there is a niche that has become old! Supermarket Superstar is actually really interesting and even exciting because those that have their food product accepted can cash in big time.

  • Pam Simpson

    The article says, “Supermarket Superstar gives some people the big break they’ve been searching for but denies others of their dream.” Sort of like life itself then?

  • Kimberly Murrow

    I used to work for A&P in the accounting department. If a brand is on the list to be stocked at A&P stores orders in the mid 4 figure range are common place, often 5 figures. So I can see Supermarket Superstar being a big deal for independent food product producers.

  • Belinda

    This seems like a reality show that actually serves a purpose.

  • Terri

    I am sure that I get Lifetime on cable by I don’t remember ever seeing Supermarket Superstar. What’s with that?

  • Sara Henderson

    This is cool. I don’t watch much TV so I didn’t even know about Supermarket Superstar but I would love to try and have a try at getting my wild herbs and spices salad dressings onto store shelves.