• ken

    Dating and mating habits of some Hollywood icons defend upon their pet like in No. 1 and No.2 ex. If you are a woman and owned a Chihuahuas some of the guy thinks that you are classy,rich, sophisticated and this is my perception too.

  • ervin

    Same with you man! I want to have a date with a girl who own a Chihuahuas i don’t know why but i have a feelings of attraction.

  • white

    I get easily attracted to a girl who own a Labrador retriever her masculine aura makes her getting hot and sexy :)

  • hariss

    Agree with you @white  they look very  sexy and hot in that way, their feminine/masculine side attract us most!

  • al

    Hahaha yar’al insane :) It’s not about the pet they own it’s about their face, their curves, their sexiness, their attitude, their behavior. There’s no psychological study or even scientifically base about the pet/attraction. Wake up men!