• Alexandra

    Is there something wrong when you’re in showbiz and go show to the public that you’re in love,i can’t see anything wrong with it…its good to know other people felt so good, aren’t they?

  • Keith

    They can go in public and show their love and affection, they are just showing how they love each other…let’s just be happy for them.

  • Abigael Hood

    Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.. nobody can’t stop when lovers show it to the public…its their choice of doing so… ^_^

  • Paul Callet

    …if i’m a celebrity i would show my girlfriend 
    to the public..

  • Vanessa Crawl

    Everybody wants to show whom they really love and that will be the sweetest thing a guy would do to his girl…

  • Adeline

    Even if you are both celebrity, you can show your girlfriend/boyfriend and no one can stop you from showing how you love each other..all is fair in love and in