• Hopewinston53

    I really like J.Lo. She is the best dressed celebrity for me. I wish to have one of her apparels.

  • Honeypearl72

    J.Lo really has a stunning look. She can really caught anyone’s attention. Like what happened to me when I saw her.

  • ashley

    How can I buy those J.Lo’s apparels? I want to buy her coat. Is that for sale?

  • Meshy

    I always watch American Idol because of J.Lo. I’m always looking forward for her outfit. That way I can learn new styles.

  • sean

    Does anyone knew how J.Lo shopping? Is she more specific with expensive brands? or she just look at with the designs? I really want to know.

  • Nancy

    Can you also feature the summer apparels of J.Lo. I wanna buy her bikini. I will have my vacation leave next month.

  • Bruno

    J.Lo is extremely hot. I also want to see her wearing bikini’s. I hope they will feature that Nancy.

  • Jean

    I love J.Lo wearing fur. She suits to any clothes she wear. She is really awesome!

  • Michael

    I’m not really a fan of J.Lo long before I saw her. I actually tried to audition in American Idol. I wasn’t able to be in but I think it’s worth a try because I saw J.Lo.

  • Daniel

    I think J.Lo’s style changes as she ages. I saw some of her picture from then and now. I can say that she had improvements in her style.

  • Kirsch

    J.Lo is such an amazing woman. She is very versatile. She exiles in    music and films.

  • Nikko

    J.Lo seems like not getting older. She still looks like as her age before. What is her secret?

  • James

    I really hate those people who always criticize J.Lo. No one can ever compare to her. She’s the best!

  • Leo

    Is there a website where we can buy J.Lo’s clothes? I want to collect celebrity’s things. It’s kinda fun to do.

  • Paula

    I wanna get that Jennifer Lopez look. Can put her the details where I can purchase it? I will be waiting.

  • Paulo

    Who will be your next celebrity to be featured next week? You said celebrity date looks. Is it a celebrity couple?

  • Jay

    Thanks for choosing J.Lo as your favorite style of the week. She’s really my one and only idol. I hope to see her more here.

  • Linda

    Jenn doesn’t looks like a mother of twins. She still got the figure. I wish to have that body too.

  • Jacci

    J.Lo looks more sexy with denim jeans. I think because it can really show off her legs. I wanna see more of those.

  • Arnold

    Please do feature Brad Pitt’s style. I really like his clothes. I need some makeover.

  • Anncsincsak

    We mentioned most of the items featured and where to buy but if you have more questions feel free to email me at