• Britney J

    “The Oops”… Oh so many of those that are going to be coming back to haunt me long after I have forgotten everything I learned in college.

  • Brook

    Times are changing. I attended my first college party that was planned to protect guests. It was to wave goodbye to the year, and everyone was scanned at the door. No one brought guns (at least I hope not). The scanners was to detect cell phones, cameras and other electronic devices. Everyone with anything electronic was given one of 3 option; go lock it up in your car, check it at the door (there was a ticket system so you could claim your phone if you needed to make a call – which you did outside); or you could leave. I thought it was a pretty cool idea.

  • Morgan

    If it weren’t for social media and online dating I’d have no social life at all. I’m an intern and have to fit my entire social life into my free time, which is almost enough to get my laundry done. I can meet jerks in a bar or the park, and of course online. Jerks are jerks, but nice guys are nice guys and both hang out in the same places.