• Celine

    I totally agree with your list because its surely is obvious when a guy is just playing around unless if you are doing the same thing.

  • Renalyn

    Its easy to sense if the guy is a jerk and I advice everyone if you feel that the guy is just playing around. Better leave him right there immediately. 

  • Katherine

    Amazing list! I agree and I really hate dating someone who is so called players that pisses me off. Big time! I enjoyed reading your post and I surely can relate to it.

  • Gema

    A jerk will always be a jerk. I just had a bad date last weekend and to be honest he is so talkative and I dumped him because he is trying to take advantage of me. Just like what you said Renalyn.

  • Jenny

    I was laughing at the part forgetting anniversary because my ex-boyfriend did and that’s the reason we broke up. I hate guys who cant remember the a single date unless if he really has issues with his brain. But guys should always remember that we girls are so particular when it comes to remembering special days. 

  • Amanda

    I just read through this article and realized that ouch! *I* am a jerk… and I’m a chick. I’ve got to go apologize to my boyfriend :( I meant none of it in a jerky way, but I can see myself in too many of those 10 reasons!

  • Del

    Yep, you’re not the only one. I’m sure there are a lot of girls hat fall under the jerk category – especially in the way that they don’t make their men feel beautiful (c’mon, don’t you like my tie?) or ever pay for dates.

  • Bryce

    I dunno. If my girlfriend decided that she wanted to be a professional ballerina and sell dog collars on the side, she probably wouldn’t be my girlfriend. Go ahead and call me a jerk, but I prefer sane women.

  • Emma

    OMG, great post and great timing. I just rescheduled our already rescheduled anniversary plans so that I could score on a huge project at work. I had made the anniversary plans extra extravagant this year because I forgot his birthday a month ago. I’m a workaholic, not a jerk!

  • Marina

    I like your third point. Jealousy is so not sexy! While I’m really not interested in immature men, he may be trying to get your attention.

  • Dick Wilcox

    Are You Kidding Me? 
    These Qualities Are What You Women Look For In A Man! 
    These Are The Men Who Get Laid! These Are The Men Who Turn Women On! 
    You Chicks Will See A Serious Decrease In The Number Of Jerks And A$$holes When You Stop Banging Jerks And A$$holes And Start Having Sex With Nice Guys. 

  • Reneemariejones

    I agree with renalyn, like I tell my daughters it is a waste of tiMe to be with a “boy ” of tji nature!

  • Renee Marie Jones

    I agree with renalyn, like I tell my daughters it is a waste of tiMe to be with a “boy ” of this nature!

  • Alys

    #9 is what i needed to see. we all make mistakes but it takes a mature person to admit to their wrong doings and another to forgive and move past. NO! Not this dude! According to him… I dont deserve forgiveness and I dont exsist.. when its not my fault we faught to begin with