• Odesa

    I totally agree with Ann that girls shouldn’t push too hard to get the guy’s attention.

  • Mercy

    I watched the episode and Courtney said why she went topless– “one with nature”. I hope Ben doesn’t fall for this exhibitionist!

  • Cyrus

    Courtney’s the B*%&*% in the group. NO wonder she has a sex tape.

  • Shezy

    That kiss was sooo A-W-K-W-A-R-D!

  • Adam

    if this show has a nudist, then Im watching its next ep!

  • Norman

    yeah, the drama in the reality shows are often ‘scripted’. There’s nothing real there.

  • Gretchen

    Men often fall for the girls with big breasts and most often than not, they dump them afterwards. It should be the personality that they should go after.

  • Natashia

    Well, I dont find Ben attractive at all. I have stopped watching the show.

  • Vanessa

    If Ben wants to find the girl of his dreams, he must look beneath their skin, not just their naked bodies!

  • Christine

    Blakely freaked me out.

  • Sophia

    Courtney’s really pretty and I think the other girls are just jealous of her and her guts! She and Ben have a great connection and they look good together.

  • Seth

    Blakely was desperate and the scrapbook was her desperate move to get the rose. “I don’t wanna lose you” is very passé.Too bad she didn’t get the rose.

  • Tom

    I disagree. I think Ben’s kinda cute in his own way.

  • Precious

    The girls on the show have no other choice but to like Ben or to pretend to like him. Otherwise, they get less airtime on tv. 

  • Martin D.

    I’m betting that the producers/ writers just created the weird drama just to get something new from the girls.

  • Vicky

    The Bachelor (the show and the guy) sucks. If you want to find true love, go out there. Women’s bodies are not commodities.

  • Rachel

    Blakeley’s inspiration book is definitely creepy! It’s one thing to break something like that out after a year anniversary, but they’re not even officially dating yet.

  • Tyrone

    Weird as they are, you have to feel for those girls on some level. Wholesale competition with each other for the attention of a man they barely know? It definitely reduces women to base behavior.

  • Ackerson

    I don’t blame Ben for keeping Courtney around. He’s barely had time to get to know any of them – but at least he knows Courtney will get naked :)

  • Lisa

    I think it’s a shame Nikki is getting sent home! Sure, she doesn’t fall into any of the producer’s weird traps, but that speaks better for her character than any of the other girls who do artificially attention grabbing things to stay on the show.

  • Jonny

    She hasn’t gotten sent home yet – there’s plenty of time for her to lose control, lol.

  • Amy

    As far as rebound experiences go, ditching your ex for a reality show is the most creative story I’ve heard so far…