• Jill

    All of us have the right partner in life, we find love in the right place or sometimes in the wrong place and I love reading this book.

  • Miriam

    I am a woman myself and it is true that we may have different choices in life and most of all we have our own different versions of our dream man. I hope this book can help me find the right guy.

  • Brenda

    It is lovely how the author answered the question why adult women also fantasies fairy tales and happy endings. What she answered was hundred percent true, the adults made the story themselves. 

  • Anne

    Reading this makes me a teenager again during those years love is a very common word. The boys in our class during valentine’s day will serenade and give you cards and roses. 

  • Jannah

    The feeling of being in love are defined in many ways. They even have many kinds of love as what individuals say. There are puppy love and one of the best love is the agape love. 

  • Sandy

    I bet many people will have to buy her book. Now a days being hopeless romantic is a personality each person has.