• Mark Allison

    Some of the best divorce advice I’ve read in awhile!!!

  • Jimmy d.

    tHIS IS awesome.

  • Landry A

    Finally some decent perspective…

  • Going through it now

    This is totally a “man’s” perspective…and it sucks. He wants women to lay down and be submissive to the x who cheated and left. Give me a break. You are an idiot if you think women are dumb enough to think this is good advice. Men: Keep fooling yourselves!

  • Mary

    Sound like the author was a jerk “x” himself at one time. This is advice for pompous men who think that women owe them unearned respect. Yuck! Take the money from the bank of “X” that belongs to you and flaunt it. Trust me, you will feel so much better about the divorce.