• Lovely

    I would like to ride the river cruise under the Wells Street Bridge. It’s my favorite scene in the movie My Best Friend’s Wedding wherein Julia Roberts cried while Dermot Mulroney serenaded her and they shared a slow dance. This movie never fails to make me cry.

  • Fiona

    Hawaii’s. It’s where Adam Sandler made Drew Barrymore fell in love with him everyday.

  • Maria

    If Twilight is to Forks Washington, then The Vampire Diaries is to Mystic Falls, Atlanta. I would like to be where Elena, Damon and Stefan are!

  • Charlize

    I wanna go to Ireland if Tom (Patrick Dempsey) would stop my wedding! Made of Honor is my the best romantic movie of all time—being with the best friend who’s been there for you throughout the years and just realizing in that he/ she is the one.

  • Khloe

    Paraty, Brazil. It’s where Edward and Bella had their honeymoon and I think they had a blast!

  • Lorraine

    I would love to be taken to the medieval castles like in the films Ever After or A Knight’s Tale. Maybe it’s romantic to be inside those castles.

  • Rich

    I never really thought of highschool (regardless of the decade) as a romantic place. It’s just very awkward.

  • Tina

    That was such a sweet movie! I love 50 first dates :)

  • Jaqueline

    Casablanca has to be the most romantic movie – and quite possibly the most romantic place – on this list. It’s a classic!

  • Whilma

    Is the Beast’s castle a real place? If so, I would love to go there :) Very romantic!