• Duane

    By simply saying ..i love you, miss you, thank you, u’r so sweet..u can make your partner feels the importance of his or her presence into your life.. ^_^

  • Jamie Stephen

    Just hug me tight..and I’ll be fine :)

  • Sean Carter

    I will cook for her and serve her a very sweet breakfast in bed…sweet..because I’m going to wake her up with my kisses… :P

  • Jack Turner

    Watching TV together…

  • Brooklyn M.

    Giving or exchanging gifts, even if it just a small thing or item like socks, pens..etc.

  • Frederick

    I am into quality time together…it will make us more closer..treat each other more deeper… hmmm….

  • Stacey

    Always put a smile on your face ..and do appreciate what your partner is doing every now and then.. :)