• Shane

    I think its best to stay at home as what we are doing now but I am having a break and just sitting in front of my computer reading interested articles just like this one.

  • Laura Anderson

    I will be considering the “cooking mode” together at home with our favorite dishes.. :)

  • Dave Baker

    For a change of our usual routines, we will be out for a dinner after watching a movie, that would be great!

  • Perry

    Dinner and a movie is also my preference, like old times :)

  • Alexa Powell

    Cooking together will bring us more closer I think… ^_^

  • Sophia

    Me too.. we just cooked and we had a great time together. Happy Hearts day to everyone.

  • Oliver_21

    We’ll just go for a more casual romance…watching tv after our dinner..having some conversation before we sleep will do… ( -_-)

  • Jewel

    We just did watch a movie and had our dinner at home.