• Nina

    Long Distance relationship will last.I believe in it.its just a matter of Trust because aside from love trust is one of the most important things that must be present in a relationship.Love without trust is not love at all..XD

  • Jake

    I like this advice.I will apply all of this.I have a girlfriend and we’ve been very far from each other for four years already yet our relationship is going strong..with this advice our relationship wil surely be stronger..!!!!!!

  • Vitta

    One of the couples i admired the most are Angelina and Brad Pitt.They’ve been together for a long time and they handle their relationship very well despite of their busy schedule.

  • Jerry

    It is
    important to maintain communication with your partner because distance will
    really test your love for each other.


  • Kisses

    Well for me I called them SUPER COUPLE. We all know that we respect them as a couple.

  • Chona

    David and Victoria’s secret of a long.lasting marriage even with their long distance relationship is their true love for each other..Oh so sweet,!!

  • Sally

    They are a perfect couple.Destined to be together forever.

  • Eugene

    Show your love how much you love her..text her ,email her or even call her everyday.Always keep in touch with her.