• Sophia Ellenis

    Looking for local events is a great way to reconnect. My bf and I do it all the time!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Che’, great idea’s to start for the New Year!!! I love the movie ghost and my New Year resolution is to exercise, so maybe some Yoga classes for me and my hubby is a good way to start; wine and fireplace romance can come later that night (as long as my Yoga works)! :)
    Thanks again for the great ideas!

  • Nikko

    I have taken cooking classes with my fiancee because both us does not know anything about cooking and we need to learn how to cook since were getting married. 

  • Lady lee

    I always make sure that we do something fun together and very useful for our daily activities.

  • Danny Myers

    Thanks Che for this very interesting article. makes me more interested of planning some activities with my partner.

  • Joylie

    Lucky for me my husband is always attentive and interested to any fun and worth the time activities we do.

  • Rina Rose

    Maybe it is time for us to try this activities to make the atmoshere more fun and have a different way to spend together.

  • Zuzanne

    New class new environment to spend together and have fun. 

  • Sophia

    Good idea! I was just talking with my boyfriend about trying to come up with more activities we have in common, maybe we should try to develop a new hobby together.

  • Mere Grey

    Great tips for rekindling your romance!

  • Sophia Ellenis

    Great idea for some new rekindling ideas for your honeys :) Loving it!