• Jana

    My guy wants to watch NBA and we always do because I know its his time to enjoy what he wants with me then after the game we go shopping. :D

  • Patty

    It surely is nice to let our guy be happy once or twice in a week. That gives them the feeling that they are important and being loved.

  • Cherry F.

    My suggestion is to go wild. Have an adventure like mountain climbing or travel the world. I guess that’s also good for me. LOL!

  • Olivia

    Nice idea..But my guy really deserves it because he is so special.

  • Wilma

    I wish my guy likes sports but he is weird because he doesn’t watch basketball at all. Is that normal?

  • Che

    Common? No. Normal, of course! Everyone has their own interests, and your sex doesn’t dictate how you enjoying spending your time.