• Phoebe Coleen

    We met on a blind date. Maybe we’re just meant to be that’s why the second we laid eyes on each other, we both knew that there would be a hundred more dates after that.

  • Rein

    The idea of reminiscing and rekindling a couple’s first date is very romantic. Thanks for giving me this idea! This might be our shot in bringing the ‘old flame’ back.

  • Lorraine

    I would often catch this guy staring at me while I’m sipping my favorite cup of cappuccino in this local coffee shop. Then, one day,  he just asked me if he could buy me one. Apparently, i said yes because we have been drinking our favorite cup of cappuccino together for years now.

  • Selina

    “I’m the girl from the bar”. I would often mimic this lead actress in my favorite show whenever my husband and I would revisit this bar where we first met. I’m always gonna be the girl from the bar whom he met and married.

  • Ché

     All of these stories are so sweet!