• Evelyn

    Groupon surely helps a lot and thanks for the info. First time I heard about zagat but I will surely check that one out.

  • Cindy

    Zagat is amazing. It provides you with a robust list of restaurants all over the country and out of the country too. It also gives these honest reviews and generous deals.

  • Viola

    A carefully planned date surely pays off. Even if it’s just a dinner date or a romantic stargazing affair, I wouldn’t mind as long as I’m with my other half :)

  • Sonja Robbins

    Checking out a museum is like an intelligent thing to do, i guess. My boyfriend and I would dig it. If it’s museum-hanging-out that we’ ll engage in, i want to come see for myself Le Louvre in France!

  • Joaquin

    Can’t wait to take my girl out to the new places in town. Groupon and Zagat are rad!

  • Unsoultied

    I’d want to START with the wine tasting.  That’s the only way I will make it through the museum and arts stuff.  LOL!  Totally joking.  These are great date ideas; especially like the idea of using groupon.