• Sean

    Sweet! Loving the fashion.

  • Julian

    Totally agree being comfortable is the best thing that we should do when it comes to a date so that confidence will come with it.

  • Jean Jill

    Do you have other collection besides from the images above? I would love to see more collections.

  • Arnie

    Love the color! Its plain and simple but still looks classy! ;p

  • Doreen

    I just love dressing up specially during holidays. I am going to spend more time shopping. 

  • Anne

    When going on a date I make sure that I look at my best. So a day before my date I go to the salon and have my hair and nails done. 

  • Nilma

    Make sure that you’re not overdressed. You might be the center of attraction because you looked like a peacock on your dress. 

  • Brian

    When going out on a party with your mate it’s better to play match. Have the color of your dress and his outfit color coordinated. 

  • Rizabelle

    I work as a fashion and outfit consultant. Make sure that your outfit fits your personality. 

  • Dalai

    Never try to dress up something which is not perfectly fit for you. 

  • Steve

    dress something comfortable and something that matches the place where your partner will bring you. 

  • Hally

    I always ask first what’s the motif of the party, I might look like dressing up the table cloth. LOL! 

  • crystal

    play match and type! 

  • jaya

    I always make sure I am comfortable with what I’m wearing on the date

  • Roland

    I am so excited on my date this weekend and so glad I read this post. gave me idea on proper dressing. 

  • Lester

    Date is something done by two adult people who are attracted to each other. Just be sure you’re dressed properly to make sure he’s attracted to you. LOL

  • rene

    I love to go on dates. Even if I’m with my closest friends only still I manage to dress properly. 

  • Eliza

    Date outfits should be well coordinated from head to toe. Make sure you look great and not the trying hard effect. 

  • Nikolai

    I love to dress up especially when I am on a date. I want to impress the new guy I am dating and that I want him to say that I am god catch for him. 

  • Krista

    Dress dress dress! I always enjoyed wearing a dress whenever going out on a date. 

  • Prince

    But you better be yourself than try to be somebody else. Be Simple and be yourself! 

  • Tony

    better dress properly when its your first date because first impression lasts. 

  • rendafil

    For guys, just be yourself and be confident whatever you wear. 

  • Lori

    A date is important so better make yourself and dress at your best for the sake of a future love prospect.