• Juliet

    The semi-formal attire is just fabulous. I would love to wear that for a summer wedding. So elegant and appropriate as well to endure the heat.

  • Rosanna

    That mini quilted chain flower bag is a must-have! That is just the cutest bag I’ve ever seen. I really want it so bad now.

  • Lacy

    A formal event like a wedding always require a formal attire. That is the best look for me. I so love the bag by the way.

  • Erna

    The shoes in that semi-formal attire is to die for. Where can I buy it? Any idea how much is it?

  • Aisha

    You should always look your best when attending a wedding. Maybe you’ll find your own groom in there. Would love to wear that elegant formal attire. The silver bangles are just lovely.

  • Jacklyn

    Summer weddings are really great. I plan mine to be a summer wedding as well and I plan to do it in the beach. Beach weddings are just perfect and that beach attire is dashing!

  • Glenn S. Ferguson

     Thanks for sharing Sarah. It’s amazing how often person end up dressing inappropriately all because they fail to pay attention to the dress code of the wedding they are attending.

    I think you have really simplify it here…