• jhemmy

    You need to be private in every aspect of your life . It is better to make the things by your own and by the people concern for the sake of your own good.Because every things that happen to you is Exclusively for you.

  • khim

     Yeah practice the privacy and confidentiality :)

  • leza

    Good luck to this couple. It’s nice that nobody judges them. 

  • alberta

    I haven’t seen Michelle Williams I was one of her great fans. I watched her TV series when I was a kid. 

  • marl

    They seem understand each other well. And it doesn’t look like Segel’s daughter is having difficulties. She enjoys her company. 

  • angie

    I’m very happy for them! I wish them the best!

  • rose

    I have read many tabloids about their exclusive relationship, and they all said the nicest things about them. 

  • jelly andrews

    That’s good news. I wish them happiness.