• Rosandale

    I have experienced a lot of bad dates lately and those were the most awful hours of my life. I just make excuses to end it right away before I die out of boredom.

  • Sophia

    I hate boring dates. I always end up day dreaming while my date is talking. Someone who can’t handle a good conversation is a total turn off.

  • Fiona

    Number 3 is just me. Worst case scenario, I ended up having an upset stomach. Made myself an instant excuse to end it.

  • Wendy

    Not everyone is really an expert to dating so I understand those people who are lacking when it comes to dating. When I’m in a bad date, I try to open up the conversation to things that we can both agree on.

  • Jamie

    I know I’m one of those people who are not that good with dating but I believe that a meaningful date is an effort of two persons. If you want a good date, then make an effort to make it work and don’t just rely with the other person.