• Deborah Butler


  • Kailee

    How can someone pick a #PerfectBachelor? At least for me, it’s impossible to choose but if I do make a choice I will tweet because I want those earrings.

  • Nadia Little

    I would have said Sean Lowe from Dancing With The Stars, but that bachelor boat has sailed and I’d still standing on the dock :(

  • Marilyn

    This is a cool contest. I hope we’re allowed to Tweet our choices more than once. I really, really want to win those earrings!

  • Josline J.

    I so want those earrings but I want to sound like I have an IQ over 80 when I state my choice and all I got is… because he’s hot and sexy as a reason.

  • The Girl Next Door

    I tweeted Michael Stagliano. Didn’t take even a heartbeat to make that call.