• heather j

    I doubt I will ever get married. I look at my married friends ( who always try to fix me up) and see a situation I would lose myself being involved in,

  • Tina Lemann

    I’m not a feminist, but I think marriage is an archaic institution. I won’t need a piece of paper to bind a commitment, not they seem to do a good job of keeping couples together.

  • Hope Sommers

    I couldn’t care less if I get married or not. Marriage was an institution put into place by men to lay claim of ownership over women. Even the most enlightened of men, in our politically correct era of terminology still have unions slanted towards a claim or commitment. Sorry, I am too free a spirit for that.

  • Kaylee K

    @Hope Sommers… My thoughts exactly, and put into words far better than I could come up with!