• Allision Norris

    This was an interesting article, even if you did included Kim Kardashian among real celebrities that possess real talents and skills. As for what she named her child, just another headline grab at the lifetime expense of her offspring.

  • Aly M

    I used to think Kanye West was a self absorbed loser long before he snatched Taylor Swift’s moment away. Now though, he scored a few points in my eyes by accepting another man’s child as his own. Let’s just hope he isn’t doing so only to gain a long, drawn out moment in the spotlight.

  • Zoey Jacobson

    Jennifer Aniston so deserves to be happy, married or not. My favorite film and TV star and best ever!

  • Rose Feldmann

    I can see where Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux may be a coin toss. But I hope with all my heart Jennifer has finally found a lasting love. She seems so sweet and, for a Hollywood celebrity very real – unlike that KK person who is only a celebrity in her own mind, and as phoney as anyone can possibly be.

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