• Michelle

    I think Lily Collins doesn’t deserve Zac Efron. It seems like Lily is a playgirl type and Zac is a mature type. They can’t live together.

  • Bruce

     I can’t say they’re perfect pair because they’re still in getting to know stage. They need to explore more of themselves. Attitude should be more to consider

  • Mike

    Getting to know more of the person you like is to be close with his/her friends. Maybe Lily Collins also believes in that. That’s why she was caught with Zac’s friends.

  • beverly ann clark

    I give up my life to be here in California I kenw someone here and I kenw him very well and I am in love with him I never meet I wish I do I am locky I kenw him I run away from Texas to see him I have a feeling about him a lot and more I like to asking him to be my boyfriend for me l am lost mother on my my Beverly’s birthday party right after it over she died nexst one my dad he stay alive some day he might ages 66 almost 67 nov 23. I might lost my apt and I need him ok I have to go on red carpet ok and find a job with you at Hollywood I want be singer and bowling sport super star bowling champ relationship first love come first and than rich and star to.beverly Ann Clark