• Heidi

    I hate it when a guys keeps on babbling about just himself–I’m the director of this and that…I make a lot of money…I’m interested in, etc..Please, let us talk to!

  • Yhumzkoe

    A confident guy who makes me laugh and who genuinely asks me “how are you” and who listens to my stories will definitely land a second date with me.

  • Jeff

    I do my best to act as a true gentleman–this turns the ladies on.

  • Britney

    I’ve always wanted the ‘bad’ guy who’s all gloomy, sulky and all but who will take your breath away rather than the ‘nice’ guy.

  • Mocha Lady

    Guys please listen to what we’re saying because we are listening to your all your rants and lauging at your jokes. It wouldn’t hurt if you do the same.