• Stephen

    What a very nice article. I like this so much. I can see myself in other situations like this. Now i know what is the good thing to do to have a better relationship..xoxo

  • Nathan

    woahhhh I’m one of those PAST-ERS. I can’t really forget about the past and every time i go out in a date i always think that i must find someone who is not like from my past relationship

  • Marcelle

    Yes, it is right when entering in a relationship we must love ourselves and be ourself also so that we’ll be able to know if what’s we’ve been doing wrong. To become so happy….

  • James

    u must get rid of ur past relationship so that u will be able to move on and start a new beginning. Thats d best thing to do..!!!!!

  • Anna

    If you just always think of having a soulmate you will never enjoy the  moment of dating. U must just go wid the flow. Don’t always think of  someone as a perfect person. Always think that a person has it’s own flaws instead.^_^