• Patrick Hudson64

    31 dates in 31
    days? Interesting and possible. This is something that I should try though
    and let’s see what happens.

  • Ruth Green

    Wow! Love really
    has its ways; and I agree with Tamara. Love is never planned. It just

  • Tricia Rose

    Yes, it’s a very
    exciting take on love and dating. This is something quite new and it really
    caught my interest instantly. It is so brave of her to write a diary out of
    what she experienced in 31 days.

  • Derick Wilson

    I would love a male
    version of that one. That can be an exciting twist!

  • Anne Ramsey

    Yes, you better try
    that one Derick. Who knows? Love can happen anytime when we least expect it.

  • Peter Web

    True indeed. Love
    has its ways of coming and going. But it leaves us stronger and ready to love
    even more. That should be our attitude. We should move on from the past to be
    able to enjoy more of what life has to offer.