• Shandon

    That’s a shocker! I didn’t know that there are things like that in that hit reality show.

  • Isaac

    I always wondered how life worked out for these reality TV stars after the fact. From the looks of the lawsuit, not quite as well as they let on…

  • Randall

    This isn’t the first reality TV show that’s been accused of this kind of controlling behavior – didn’t American Idol have a similar case some years ago?

  • Petra

    Seems a little spiteful to me, after using the show to get famous, they then want to sue after they’ve gotten all they can out of it!

  • Amy

    I can see why they would want a little control over the Bachelors and Bachelorettes after the show, just so they don’t go out and exploit the show’s name in an inappropriate way. To a point, it’s only fair.

  • Josh

    I never heard about Bob Guiney’s CD, and never heard about the network or producers giving him a hard time over it. However, I did hear about this lawsuit… that says something right there.

  • Kevin

    Some of the former contestants have gone on to do great things, and the producers haven’t stopped them! Jillian Harris (Extreme Makeover), Travis Stork (The Doctors) and probably more if I looked for them – the show doesn’t seem to be holding them back at all.

  • Erica

    True, I don’t think I’ve seen Jesse even try to do anything without pulling on the Bachelor name, his only claim to fame as it appears.

  • Samantha

    Too many people take contracts lightly these days. Reading the fine print is *important*! I hope this is a lesson to all the future actors on the show. If you don’t understand what the contract is asking you for, just get a lawyer.

  • J. D.

    True! I’ve seen people do a lot of bad things to their lives signing without reading (or thinking), or thinking that they’ll be able to get out of it later somehow. Not smart at all.

  • Marilee J

    The show’s been running for a long time now… and after all these years, only Jesse and a handful of others, out of how many other at this point, have a problem with the aftermath of their season? Something doesn’t seem right here.

  • Lucy

    Weird that Jesse would be the one to do this. He’s done so much with the show, from the reunions, to his own blog and so many parties. All were in connection to the Bachelor name. Not quite like Bob who tried to put out his album in a totally unrelated venture.

  • Will

    I dunno, it seems like this whole thing is just more hype. I don’t think this lawsuit will end up amounting to much. It’s pretty simple! If they signed the contract, they have to live with it. If they don’t like that, well, it’s a little late for that now!