• Crissa Smith

    This is a good example of a relationship goes wrong when a lot of people gets involve in it. Kim should know now what real love is.

  • Ramonasantos33

    I was sad to know that this fairy-tale wedding turned out like this. But I wasn’t a believer that these 2 people were madly in love. I guess they were just pressured by the public.

  • Claire P.

    Kim should know if that is really love or not. I am very disappointed with her because I know she is way better than this. I hope she will find the right man for her.

  • Febz

    I hope this will be lesson learned to everyone and to Kim too that we can’t rush love. We need to understand and feel what love is before we commit to marry the person. Get to know your partner will really help.

  • Santana

    Better get to know each other well and never rush into getting married. 

  • Ruby

    Kim and Kris relationship was a whoop! They just wasted a lot of money on that grand wedding. 

  • Reeva

    It was very disappointing upon reading this post about kim and kris. 

  • minako

    That is why before getting married we should really dig dip and know your partner well. 

  • Sonny

    Acceptance of each individuals differences may help towards having a fruitful and peaceful relationship.  

  • Rayver

    I was not shocked because I just know what Kim is capable of doing. 

  • Froilan

    Maybe she was not contented and fulfilled with all the needs she wants that’s why she filed for a divorce. 

  • Lori

    Divorce in such a
    short period of marriage I guess is not the solution but it is better to take
    some time off. Think and create the greatest solution for the marriage to
    work out.

  • ryan

    I haven’t expected
    that Kim will be getting a divorce after a short period of marriage. They
    were so in love with each other!

  • Rizza Angela

    They should do some marriage counselling. 

  • dulce

    Never give up easily, try to weight in things first about whats’s best for the marriage. 

  • elle

    If I’ll be in this kind of situation, I’ll just give it a 2nd try and after that who knows? We might workout for the best. 

  • Lolita

    I don’t want to talk about break-up. It just breaks my heart. 

  • celeste

    I rather go for “live in” than marriage because you have the chance to back out if things won’t work fr the two of us. 

  • trina risos

    Kim K’s a B**ch! She does not deserve Kris H! Kris deserves someone better. 

  • Maya

    I absolutely agree. She’s nothing but a fake lady born with an angel (devil) face! 

  • Haily Breeze

    My sympathy goes for Kris. He does not deserve this kind of marriage. 

  • Cyanith

    I don’t want to get married that fast just like kim and kris! It was too fast they never noticed break up was on its way. 

  • Elmer

    Mistakes should be accepted and chances should be given in order for a relationship to work. 

  • Pipay

    Agree to that. If all relationship does not give chances? Then all court rooms will be filled with cases about divorce.