• Brenda Collins

    Jenn Garziano is a well spoken, driven and so inspirational to all women out there. Such a great role model for our young women out there.

  • Maria Santone

    Marriage and relationships aren’t about holding the other back. Part of strong marriages is helping the other be their best selves.

  • Sandy Mariano

    I can’t wait to see the new Mob Wives premier tomorrow. I love that show.

  • Sally Pierce

    I can’t think of anyone who would be more qualified to create an authentic Italian cookbook than Jenn Graziano.

  • Wendy H

    In this post it says. “Mob Wives franchise”. I thought there was only one Mob Wives reality show. So this means the show is liken those “Real Wives of…” reality shows and there is one in ever major city?

  • Christina J.

    VH1 is not available in my area and there doesn’t seem to be a local station with the same shows. No wonder I have never seen an episode of Mob Wives.

  • Shasha N

    Best line ever to describe being together without being owned… “I’m Not Anti-Marriage; I’m Anti-Ball and Chain!”