• Brenda

    I admire Melanie a lot. She is really an independent woman and knows a lot about life. I enjoyed reading this topic. Thanks for the share.

  • Kelly

    I agree a lot of men are hesitant to approach a girl more so in the big cities. I hope they do understand that we are just doing it for work. It doesn’t mean we are tough as hell when it comes to dating or love.

  • Diana

    This is an interesting article. I will follow the tips and make sure that my man will come home to a sensual how. Thanks!

  • Tammy

    Thanks for the tips! I am dating again and see if I can find the right guy for me. I really don’t want a perfect one but a guy who will make life less miserable.

  • Lizzette

    I totally agree with stop going out in groups. I mean if you have a guy in the group, the less chance you will meet a guy. They will probably be thinking that was your boyfriend. So just stick to 1 or 2 girlfriends when you go out.

  • Missy

    I like these tips. Simple to understand and I think this will actually work. I never tried dating before just because I have my boyfriend with me always. Now that I am single let me check if I can do these tips. Thanks!

  • Princesslara

    Dating is very painstaking but fruitful if you know how to. I have been to places and not knowing who I really want to date. I guess you are right. I need to ask myself what type of guy I like to date.

  • Daena

    All the tips are amazing! You have covered almost everything, from dating to making your relationship work. I love this article so much.

  • Kimmy

    Communication is always important, even at work or with your man. This is because no one can read your mind, so always speak what you want but always be nice. Your man will always listen to you.

  • Ruffa

    Thanks for sharing her Facebook page. This is a great article and the tips will help me a lot. I always forgot to have a separate time for myself; I will need that now since I am stressed out lately.