• james marin

    disneyland in orange county .one of the best places to go to with your family.

  • jeremy vedder

    I’ve been to boracay in the phillipines one of the nice beaches i have ever been with there white sand and first class accomodations..

  • Lina

    Been to Macau and stayed at Venetian Hotel. I had the best experience when I went to Macau. 

  • Lindsay

    I agree. It’s like being to Venice Italy with all the amenities the hotel offered to guests. 

  • Kim

    I’ve been to Puerto Princesa Under Ground River in Palawan Philippines when I visited a friend last June. Now it’s considered one of the 7 wonders of the world. 

  • Rona

    I have been to Hongkong. What I loved about the place is it is one of the shopping capital of the world. 

  • Ronalyn

    There’s no place like home. Why bother and go to places and waste your money? better keep and save it.

  • Lisa

    I agree. We better save our money for future use. We might get sick in the future. 

  • Isabelle

    Live life to the fullest. Enjoy while we’re still young and can afford to travel places. 

  • Patricia

    I wanted to go to Rome and visit Vatican City. A city within a city. 

  • Marlin

    I am saving for next years visit to Singapore. I heard it is one of the cleanest city in the world. 

  • Chona

    I am excited because after our wedding anniversary we are going to London and visit my husbands family. 

  • Atchy

    My friends and I are thinking of going to Thailand and experience the exotic paradise. 

  • Brooch

    I have been to Thailand and the place got nice beaches especially in Phuket. 

  • Leny

    I have visited the Island of Hawai and they got all lovely ladies who danced Hula. 

  • Ben

    We are thinking of getting an Island travel to Palau. 

  • Florence

    I’ve been to Malaysia and man! They have wonderful people in the place. Very nice place indeed!